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About us

About Us

We went to Istanbul for the first time in 2008 and fell in love with the place on our drive in from the airport.

There was something about the light and the color of the Sea of Marmara that was truly captivating.  After a number of trips we started fantasizing about moving there and living the expat life.

Somehow, we mustered the courage, put our San Francisco life in storage, and headed off for a new adventure.

After considering a number of entrepreneurial opportunities, we decided to open a coffee shop in the shadow of the Blue Mosque we called Denizen Coffee.

It was a great success but it was growing more and more difficult to operate a business as a yabanci (foreigner) and we had to make the tough decision to return home to San Francisco. We came home with great memories, astounding friendships, and a desire to maintain our connection to this tremendous place.

One of the things that amazed us was that, in this world of global commerce, Istanbul and Turkey still had a presence of small-scale production, particularly in metal goods, leather, and textiles.

Our pestemels are just one example of this commitment to craftsmanship.

Not long ago, Turkey was full of villages known for their artisans and their skill at working with cotton, silk, linen and wool—all grown/produced locally in Turkey.  Sadly these artisans have nearly disappeared over the past two decades as cheap imports from China began to flood the market.

In our wanderings we found a wonderful source for 100% hand-crafted pestemel and plush towels and were excited to bring them to North America.

About our name

Wevist is a portmanteau of our names (Weimar and Everett) and Istanbul.  It is meant to reflect a place that captured our hearts, and to shine a spotlight on the talented crafts people who make our products.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Ken Weimar and  Earl Everett, Founders



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